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Soul Awareness Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive healing method for restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health through universal life force energy.

We all have an energetic body surrounding our physical body. Any challenge we experience manifests first in our energetic body. Through the process of Soul Awareness Energy Healing your soul is prayerfully invoked, bringing light to where your present challenges currently reside within your energetic body; your energetic, physical, mental and spiritual bodies are then naturally brought into alignment via the light of your soul. Since our souls know what is needed to bring us into wholeness at any given moment, this healing method is quite effective for the challenges we face and can bring about lasting transformations.

Sessions begin with an invocational prayer summoning your soul to create, maintain and sustain that which is for your highest good and greatest growth. Then, through a guided process of awareness (a quality of your soul), your energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are checked for blocks, discomfort and stagnant energy. In a deep meditative state, and with guided intention, energetic blocks are then located, identified and released. The divine light of your soul then naturally integrates more fully into your body, culminating in a process of deep gratitude to complete the healing, bringing about desired transformations.