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Soul Awareness Healing Process - The practice of a meditative therapeutic technique using Soul Awareness Energy Healing. Awareness, which is a quality of the soul, brings in divine light to clear blocks and heal specific challenges. Through this process, challenging patterns and structures are released via the light of your soul.

Pre-Surgical Treatment - This focuses on readying your energetic and physical bodies for surgery using prayer, meditation and the Soul Awareness Healing Process. A deep clearing of the hospital areas, along with invoking the higher selves of all your medical professionals, also takes place.

Post-Surgical Treatment - This clears the toxins of anesthesia, re-aligns your chakras and heals your energetic and physical bodies following surgery. An open incision remains in your energy body even after the actual physical incision is closed; here, the energetic incision is also closed, along with the deep clearing of your energetic body to speed up your physical healing.

A 15 minute introductory interview is complimentary. Sessions with Luma Light Healing are done via telephone and are $90.

Gift certificates are available. Referrals are welcome.