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"Words don't seem adequate to thank you and tell you how absolutely profound our session was today! I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted and I look forward to our next session together! I definitely need to thank Stephanie for sharing her hidden "energy" gem. :) As I told you, I felt Divinely guided to call you and I'm so glad I did! With blessings and love."
- Tanya J. Denver, CO, Feng Shui Consultant

"Candace is not an average healer. She has a naturally intuitive instinct that goes beyond training and easily magnetizes the realm beyond our normal experience. I have had some of my most powerful healing sessions with her and would not hesitate to refer anyone to her."
- Cecilia Ann Pohs

"Candace is a calming, reassuring, compassionate, patient and loving person. She is very easy to talk to, empathic and open to a variety of healing needs. After two post-surgery healings with Candace, my recovery time was cut in half. I feel very relaxed, safe, and comfortable during sessions with Candace as she is a genuine, heart-felt person with a loving soul."
- Karyn Klaboe-Wallace

"Candace works from her heart, and has the ability to combine warmth and professionalism into each session. She understands the multiple layers of energy and is capable of providing the necessary support to heal each layer. Sessions with Candace are reassuring and validating of me as a unique person, whose challenges are important and worthy of being addressed."
- Vicki Marish, RN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor

"I have found Candace to be an excellent healer in part because of her intuition; she always knows what needs attention most. She also has an exceptional ability to move energy, even with a demanding physical challenge like neuropathy."
- Mary Bowman

"Candace has a natural gift of being able to connect with anyone while healing them. It is my own personal experience that Candace is truly guided and connected with the Divine, especially while working with healing."
- Jill Enerson

"Candace is very easy to talk to and very gentle. I felt very safe in her home and loved the Feng Shui colors in her 'healing room.' I used her service because I sensed there was some negative energy blocking me from pursuing my dreams. After two sessions, I felt a definite shift in my outlook. I felt relaxed and ready to do the next right thing. I would go back again and highly recommend Candace as a Soul Directed Energy Healer. "
- Diane Schwartz

"The gifts you bring feel so complete; it is my personal belief that you are re-membering an ancient wisdom. And when I have been traveling, working long distance over the phone with you has been as beneficial as being right there in your wonderful healing room. I am so grateful for your intuitive healing with my family and me. I wish I could give you to everyone!"
- Jackie Patricia, Feng Shui Master

"I just want to thank you — I feel so wonderful. It's as if no one has really understood what I've been struggling with until you came along. I'm so excited to see all the things that unfold from here on out. Candace, you've got such a gift, and I'm thrilled that I was led to you."
- Stephanie Mcwilliams, Host of HGTV's "Fun Shui"