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Q. What are the benefits of Soul Awareness Energy Healing (SAEH)?
A. The benefits of SAEH sessions are numerous. The primary benefit is in acquiring a direct connection to your soul. Once this connection is established, you will begin to live a more soul-filled life. Then, as this soul connection is more fully integrated, changes in your life will begin to automatically happen.
Additionally, you will begin to experience a transformation of your present emotional and physical challenges; greater self-acceptance and improved self esteem; deep stress relief and inner peace, which leads naturally to a greater sense of joy in your life. Overall, a higher quality of living will ensue.

Q. What is unique about SAEH?
A. While most energy healing modalities seek to channel divine universal energy for healing, the SAEH practice specifically seeks to bring you to the light of your soul. Therefore, in the SAEH process, the ego of both client and practitioner are journeyed through and risen above allowing the full light of the soul to enter and supervise the healing.

Q. What is the process of SAEH?
A. SAEH consists of a five stage process. In the first stage, both practitioner and client become centered and connect to their higher selves via a spoken invocation that calls in the higher self and the light of the client's soul. The second stage begins the awareness process; since awareness is a quality of the soul, whatever you bring to your awareness will automatically be brought to your soul. In the third stage, the specific energies found are further explored and held in deep soul awareness until in the fourth stage, the release occurs, whereby the soul becomes bigger than any blocks, resistances, or energetic challenges. In the fifth stage, gratitude and integration occur, whereby the light of the soul fully manifests and the healing is complete.

Q. What can I expect during and after my first session?
A. Sessions begin with an invocational prayer, followed by a guided process of awareness of the energy patterns that are located in your body. The session continues in a deep meditative state, culminating with the divine light of your soul integrating more fully into your life. Your first SAEH session is a huge treat! Clients report feeling more energized than they can remember.

Q. How long are sessions? Where do they take place?
A. A typical session lasts 60-75 minutes. Sessions take place via telephone, Luma Light sessions are available to you no matter where you are!

Q. How can a Soul Awareness Energy Healing session be done over the phone?
A. Since energy is not confined by time, space or distance, SAEH sessions can take place by telephone. In fact, a SAEH session can occur within the same room, over the phone or across continents. There are no restrictions for the healing light of our souls to manifest and go wherever there is a need. Indeed, past clients who have followed their 'face-to-face' session with a phone session have remarked how it feels exactly the same.

Q. How many sessions will I need?
A. The number of sessions needed to address your intention(s) for healing varies. Some clients find they need only one or two sessions to address their specific concerns, while others find they want several (or even regular) sessions to aid their present challenges. Generally, it is good to plan for 1-3 sessions with which to begin your SAEH journey.

Q. How can energy healing, done in my energy body, help to heal physical ailments?
A. It is believed that energetic disturbances first manifest in one's outer energetic body and within our chakras. Energy vibrations become increasingly dense until they eventually manifest in our physical bodies as dis-ease. SAEH works within your energetic, physical, mental and spiritual bodies to relieve congestion and remove blocks. Removing these energy blocks restores the free flow of energy within all your systems. Once this is achieved, the natural healing wisdom of your physical body can be more readily available to heal any physical ailments.

Q. Is SAEH an invasive healing method?
A. No. SAEH is completely non-invasive. One can choose to have a hands-on healing session whereby only a light touch is used, while you remain fully clothed. Or, you may choose to sit in a reclining chair near the practitioner and not be touched at all. And, as described above, you can chose to have a session via telephone where you remain in the comfort of your own home.

Q. Can the SAEH method work for chronic aliments?
A. Yes, Soul Awareness Energy Healing can certainly work for chronic health concerns. In fact, SAEH can be the perfect complement to your current medical/mental health care.

Q. Can SAEH replace my traditional medical and/or mental health care?
A. No, SEAH is not a replacement for standard medical and/or mental health care. It is, however, a wonderful complementary health practice. Of course, it is highly recommended that your doctor be informed of all health treatments you undertake to address your current medical/mental health conditions.

Q. What are your fees?
A. A 15-minute introductory interview is complimentary. Sessions are done via telephone and are $90.